I absolutely adore Gayle and Nick!  These two are made for one another!  They perfectly complement each other and watching them made me think, this is what love is suppose to look like!  The affection and love that they showed came so naturally and so effortlessly.  During their engagement session, I found myself just feeling so blessed to be able to capture this love and time in their relationship.  To top it all off!?!?  I got to photograph them at one of my most favorite places!  The Marin Headlands.

When Gayle and I first discussed where they would like to have their engagement session, I immediately suggested going to the coast.  It was an obvious option, I mean…How could we not?  Their first date was spent by the coast.  Gayle and Nick loved the coast!  Gayle got so excited and agreed that it was the perfect place!  I am so glad they did!  I mean, check out the photos!  How can you not love it?

I love it when my couples are up for a little adventure.  When we got there, I asked how they felt about going on a little hike.  They said, “Heck yeah!”  Along the way, we talked about breweries, beer and I got to know Gayle and Nick better as a couple.  We then ended the session by the beach.   And by the beach, what I really meant was, in the water!  The two of them embraced each other and really just went for it.  I couldn’t have asked for a better session with a better couple.  I can’t wait to see these two tie the knot next year!

Oh!  And did I mention that these two are chefs?!?!?!  Gah!  Talk about amazing!!!!!!  Being a chef is totally something that I always daydreamed about being.  So knowing these two just makes me feel that much cooler.  That’s how it works right?  Coolness by association?  haha =P