Taylor + Jordan Sacramento Wedding at Studio 817 and Jackrabbit Brewery

I can’t believe that Taylor and Jordan’s wedding day finally arrived and I was able to spend the day documenting their special day.  It feels like forever ago when these two got engaged and we did their engagement session where they had their first date.  And let me tell you, their wedding day was nothing short of AMAZING!  They made sure to spend their wedding day in the heart of Sacramento.  Which is where they spend a lot of their time building their life together.

Their wedding was perfection! These two put thought into every single detail of their wedding.  I loved everything about their wedding.  I loved their small and intimate wedding ceremony.  And I loved that their casual wedding reception was held at a local brewing company and catered by a taco truck.  They had hired family and friends to be a part of their special day.  They had friends that did their flowers.  Taylor’s boss baked their wedding cake while other co-workers made other treats to go along with the their cake on the dessert table.  Everything was thought out!

Well.  Almost everything.  Taylor and Jordan put me in charge of where to take their photos and I come up with the crazy idea of going to Punch Bowl Social, a local hang out spot, to do their wedding photos.  We had such a great time there!

Congratulations on your wedding Taylor and Jordan.  You truly compliment one another and I can’t wait to see the two of you grow together as husband and wife.  Have a great time on your honeymoon in Ireland!  You’re going to have such an amazing time.


Ceremony:  Studio 817

Reception:  Jackrabbit Brewing Co. 

Caterer:  Chando’s Tacos Food Truck

Florist:  Brittney Torrey

Hair and Makeup:  Sarah Dean

Dress:  Macy’s

Shoes:  Kate Spade




what a cozy wedding!! I love your use of colors and candids!

Thank you Stephanie. =)

Great wedding photos and wedding story!

Thank you! I love telling a story and it makes me so happy to hear that you enjoyed it.

I love the little detail you shared about the taco truck! When photographers share specific behind the scenes tidbits about weddings it really brings them to life for readers!

Yes! It’s the little tidbits that makes up amazing memories. So glad I got to share it!