About Me

Capturing a love story is like reading a good book.  You never want it to end.  I am a sucker for a good love story.  Always have and always will!  Growing up, I always found myself drawn to taking photos of the things I saw and the places I went.   Especially anything that would evoke emotions.  I would click away and share with all my friends and family the great memories I was making.  I still love capturing moments and documenting my journey through life.  Let me re-tell your unique love story through my lens.


I have the best job ever!  If I was a superhero, my superpowers would be to make time stand still.  I capture and document those precious moments that you want to cherish and remember forever.  Wouldn’t you say that’s pretty close to making time stand still?  And I get to share my gift with others.  How cool is that?!?!  So if you are looking for a photographer that would love to take you on an adventure, blurts out the most random things really loudly, always has food on her mind, doesn’t mind taking off her shoes and getting a bit dirty, I am your girl!

I love capturing everyone’s unique story and I cherish each and every one of them.  Those I get in front of my camera aren’t just people, they become a part of me.  They are family!  I love following and watching couples love and relationship grow and evolve.  I love seeing them grow as a family and as they find their way through parenthood.  I love growing with you and following your life’s journey.  I want to be your forever photographer!

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